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Marta Krawiec

Dr Marta Krawiec is a Paediatrician and Allergist with over ten years of experience. She completed her medical education at the Medical University of Warsaw. In 2006, she started working in the excellent Department of Lung Diseases and Allergy of the Paediatric Teaching Hospital in Warsaw where she was under the guidance of outstanding specialists and obtained her qualifications in both Paediatrics and Allergy. 

  • Female
  • English, Polish
  • 020-7223-5114
  • ap@sw11medical.uk
  • 45 Lavender Hill London, SW11 5QW Clapham Junction


Pediatrician and children allergologist

About Doctor

Dr Marta Krawiec is a pediatrician and child allergist with over ten years of experience. Dr. Krawiec specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies, asthma, allergies to pollen, animal dust and hair, and hay fever. Dr. Marta also has many years of experience in the treatment of atopic skin changes and in the diagnosis of recurrent respiratory infections. In addition, Dr. Krawiec is a pediatrician involved in assessing the child’s proper development, immunization and treatment of common childhood diseases such as ear, skin and respiratory tract infections.

Dr Marta Krawiec obtained a specialization in pediatrics and then allergology at the Pneumonology and Allergology Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw. The subject of Dr. Krawiec’s PhD was the safety of inhaled and nasal steroids used in children with asthma and rhinitis.

In 2016, Dr. Krawiec moved to London to get the latest knowledge on diagnosis and treatment of children with food allergy, including milk, egg and peanut allergies, at King’s College Allergology Clinic London. In 2018, Dr. Krawiec took the position of a child allergology consultant.