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Artur Wojciechowski

The radiologist deals with somatic diseases, using various imaging methods and appropriate apparatus (classic X-ray apparatus, tomograph, computed tomograph, ultrasound scanner, radioisotope, NMR magnetic resonance imaging and others).

  • male
  • English, Polish, Russian
  • 020-7223-5114
  • ap@sw11medical.uk
  • 45 Lavender Hill London, SW11 5QW Clapham Junction


Radiology and diagnostic imaging

About Doctor

Doctor Artur Wojciechowski, medical doctor, radiologist, member of the Royal Radiological Society.

He graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1993. In 1991-92 he studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He completed post-graduate internships in Warsaw hospitals. In the years 1994 -2014 he was employed at the First Radiology Department of the Medical University of Warsaw as an assistant, senior assistant and assistant professor. In 2000, he obtained the second degree of specialization in X-ray diagnostics. In 2003 he defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Doppler assessment of dialysis fistulas”. In the years 2006–2014 he was the deputy head of the radiology department. From October 2014, he was employed as a Radiologist Consultant at the University Hospital of St. George in London.

He is the author and co-author of 36 publications and 112 reports and domestic and foreign congressional announcements. 41 bachelor’s theses were created under his supervision.

In Warsaw, he collaborated for many years with renowned private clinics, among others: Damian Medical Center, Lux-Med, Multimed performing ultrasound examinations and describing radiological examinations.

In our clinic, he performs ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity, thyroid, breast, transplanted organs – liver, kidneys and soft tissues, as well as Doppler examinations of venous and arterial blood flow of the lower limbs and carotid arteries.

Has the right to practice in Poland, Sweden and Great Britain. Registered in GMC as a radiologist specialist since 2007.

In the years 2011-2015 he took part in 25 running events, of which he finished 24, recently improving results at 10 km in Battersea Park Transcendence Run – 48:29, 08 08 2015

Research - treatments

  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Breast
  • Soft tissue ultrasound – soft tissues – subcutaneous tissue, muscles
  • Abdominal cavity
  • Urinary system
  • Arteries and veins of the lower extremities
  • Arteries and veins of the upper limbs
  • Carotid arteries
  • Doppler studies of dialysis fistulas
  • Ultrasound examinations of transplanted organs – liver, kidneys
  • Transrectal ultrasound