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General Practitioner

Detail about our service

About GP Department

SW11Medical Clinic is a convenient private GP practice that provides you all the services you could need from a GP clinic. This includes health screens, blood tests, prescriptions, certificates, sick notes and referrals –  ideal for busy commuters, residents and visitors. We’re your one stop shop for private GP consultations, testing, medicals, advice and support.

  • Blood Tests
  • Certificates & Medicals
  • Medications & Prescriptions
  • Imaging, Investigation & Procedures

Private GP

Our team of private doctors are all qualified General Practitioners who can provide treatment, advice and guide you through any health concerns you may have.

At SW11Medical Clinic, we have an extensive network of consultants and specialists who we work closely with and who we can refer you onto if necessary. This network also includes private medical insurers to ensure you’re supported through any treatment. If you need a referral, we also offer a variety of specialist private doctors services at our clinics too.

Treatment Price List

Consultation – internal diseases
Follow-up consultation

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    45 Lavender Hill,
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