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Detail about our service

About Dermatology Department

The importance of esthetics in our lives is unmistakable. Modern men and women are very sensitive about their appearance and about any type of aesthetic problem, even the smallest. At the Dermatology departments in On Clinic branches we successfully treat a range of dermatological problems.


A dermatologist can help to identify the cause of a rash, growth or skin allergy.


You will get all of the tests and treatments that you need when you see a skin specialist


We can do a lot to treat skin conditions with medication, cryotherapy, phototherapy, surgery 

Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags on neck, eyes, underarms, groin can be removed by laser, freezing or surgery.

Facial Thread And Spider Veins Removal

Permanently Remove Unwanted Visible Veins. Painless & Fast Laser Procedure. Efficient reduction of spider veins. Long term results

Leg Thread Vein Removal

Permanently Remove Unwanted Visible Veins. Painless & Fast Laser Procedure. For Blue, Purple or Red Leg Veins. Fast Results.


What is sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy or injection of varicose veins is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of your varicose veins. The veins are injected with a solution called a sclerosant which damages the internal lining of the vein and causes blood clotting within the vein.

Acne And Acne Scar Treatments

There are numerous acne scar treatments: Chemical peels (deep) → Skin needling/rolling → Steroid injection → Cytotoxic injection, Cryosurgery → Microdermabrasion → Topical

Varicose Vein Removal

Doppler ultrasound of lower veins with consultation. Varicose veins treatment: Flebogrif method → Sclerotherapy → Laser treatment

Minor Skin Procedures

Skin-tag Removal. Our professional experts can remove skin-tags in a quick surgical procedure with relative ease. They would be able to perform your consultation and minor surgery in one visit using a surgical excision.

Our Dermatologists

Seeing a skin specialist is the best way to get a prompt diagnosis and expert treatment. Our team of dermatologists can provide the highest quality care for both acute and chronic conditions. We have a number of consultant dermatologists who are experts in conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails. Each of our consultant dermatologists is a highly trained specialist with many years of experience in dermatology. Our doctors are familiar with all kinds of dermatological conditions. Our doctors also have plenty of experience in children’s dermatology, so we can provide care for both adults and children. You can find out more about each doctor’s experience and training by following the links on this page to read their profiles.

Treatment Price List

Laser removal of scars
£250.00 - £350.00
Laser removal of foot warts
from £150.00
Laser removal of phimosis
£650 – £850
Histopathology test
£70 each
Acne treatment
Suturing and wound closure
Change of wound dressing
Laser removal of pilonidal cyst
£550 – £1250
Scars laser treatment
£150 – £400
Acne scars reduction: fraxel laser
£250.00 – £400.00

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    Our Doctors

    • Dr. Hanna Smagalska


      I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz in 1986. I passed the 1st degree (1991) and 2nd degree (1998) specialization exam in Dermatology and Venereology while working at the Dermatology Clinic in Łódź and the Clinic.

    • Dr. Andreea Anton


      I am currently a GMC registered doctor taking the role of Locum Consultant Dermatologist within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London. I qualified in medicine in 2009 with distinction.